Danielle Prewett on hunting and connecting with your food


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In a world where we are increasingly removed from our food, hunting is a way for us to connect with what we are eating. Meet Danielle Prewett, founder of Wild + Whole, Wild Foods contributing editor for MeatEater, and proud hunter. In 2014 Danielle and her husband pledged to only cook meat that they hunt and fish themselves, allowing her the privilege of having a deeper connection with her food.

In my conversation with Danielle we discuss:

-Danielle’s story of how she got into wild game and her first experience with eating mindfully

-The way she eats and the privilege of hunting that may not be accessible to everyone

-The inaccurate stereotypes of hunters

-The responsibility of killing an animal is on you

-How hunters are conservationists

-The overpopulation of deer and how hunting is a solution

-Danielle’s best hunting experience

-How to get started hunting

-The misconception of a natural death


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Website: Wild + Whole

Instagram: @danielleprewett or @wildandwhole

LinkedIn: Danielle Prewett

Facebook: @wildandwhole

Twitter: @Danielleprewett

YouTube: MeatEater


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