Episode 47: Give Where You Live


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Gifting, receiving, sharing, lending and expressing gratitude are the simple things that don’t seem to happen that often anymore.

In this week’s episode, Jacqui shares her experience of the Buy Nothing Project and how a hyper-local gifting group not only minimises the amount of items that could potentially end up in landfill but helps acquaint people to others living nearby. In an age where people rarely know their neighbours, a ‘buy nothing’ group is a wonderful way to connect. With over twenty-five thousand members, The Buy Nothing Project is present in four countries (the US, UK, Canada, and Australia), and has over 150 groups in operation.

To find out more about the Buy Nothing Project please visit their website here. To check if there is a group in your suburb click here. If there is no group in your suburb and you are interested in starting one, we invite you to check out their Start-A-Group page

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