The Great Blizzcon Debate feat. Samito, Nateson & Freedo


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For The Great Blizzcon Debate, Samito, Nateson & Freedo joined me to discuss the news from Blizzcon and what it means for the future of Overwatch, which included very interesting conversations about the philosophy of the devs, the reason we aren't getting OW1 content & what could be done to change things. Timestamps 0:00​ Introduction 0:50​ General Feelings on Blizzcon 5:40​ Role Passives for OW2 26:22​ Why Not Give Us OW2 Balance Now? 35:08​ Does OW1 Not Make Enough Money? 49:20​ "The OW1 Community Has Been Screwed" 54:00​ Monetisation Models for OW1&2 1:10:30​ Why Is "QP Better Than Comp"? 1:23:12​ Competitive Integrity In OW 1:43:35​ Can We Balance The Casual/Competitive Divide? 2:03:45​ "The Devs DO Listen" 2:20:42​ Samito's Secret Plans 2:25:15​ Why Do The Ranks 'Not Feel Right'?

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