The Great Fix Ladder Debate feat. Stylosa, EeveeA & Samito


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In this episode of the Group Up! Podcast, we discuss the 'competitive integrity' of Overwatch and why Stylosa, EeveeA & Samito feel like Overwatch's competitive mode leaves a lot to be desired. Amongst other things, we discuss in-game, systems Blizzard's philosophy and banning one tricks? Guest Socials: Stylosa's YouTube: | Twitter: | Instagram: EeveeA's links: Samito's Twitter: | Youtube: 0:00 Introductions & General Feelings on Competitive Integrity 11:15 Team Queue vs Solo Queue 27:20 Crossplay Competitive? 39:59 Overwatch is Dead? 53:48 Balancing 6v6 & 5v5 At the Same Time 1:02:22 What Should A Game of OW Look Like? 1:26:30 Counter Intuitive Overwatch 1:31:40 Banning One-Tricking? & Format Changes 1:54:14 Private Profiles & Toxicity 2:19:20 Blizzard's Approach to The Game 2:54:30 How Can We Improve Gameplay & Stats 3:12:30 Conluding Thoughts

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