129. God Will Help Me


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Episode 129--God Will Help Me

There’s one thing I truly hated growing up and it stayed with me for a long time into my adult years. I hated exercise. I was clumsy. I always seemed to somehow get hurt exercising. Plus I just didn’t like to run and sweat.I’d rather be inside reading a book or doing homework or even helping with household chores. Anything except exercise. And the few types of exercise that one time were fun always seemed to end in disaster. I truly hated exercise.

Then when I went on my weight loss journey and forever lifestyle change journey God brought up that dreaded word of exercise again. Somehow now it is one of my favorite things to do. I didn’t understand I had a stronghold where exercise was concerned. But I did. I was adamantly against it and felt I didn’t need it to lose weight. God had different plans.

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