Episode 242: Should Live Virtual Events Be Part Of Your Offer? - with April Beach


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In this show we unpack the online business model of “live virtual events” and help you determine if they should be part of your business strategy moving forward. Live Virtual Events are not new. In fact, we’ve been hosting them for years. They’re an upgrade from sales webinars and could be a good option to increase sales in your business. But, like all business models, Live Virtual Events aren’t for everyone. In this episode we dive into the model of Live Virtual Events and how offering them can impact your business and lifestyle both positively and negatively. At the end of this episode you will:
  1. Understand the structure of a Live Virtual Event
  2. Compare Virtual Events to Sales Webinars
  3. Know the most common way to fill your Virtual Event
  4. Have complete clarity as to if Live Virtual Events are the right strategy for you

Special Note: If you would like access to the episode with Bart Miller that had to be removed from this feed, the cut-off date to request it is Friday, September 10th.

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