Sweetman Podcast: Episode 261 - Father Christopher Orczy


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An in-depth conversation with Father Christopher Orczy, vicar at St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church in Christchurch. Chris didn't grow up with religion. He had an epiphany, an awakening, he felt a calling in his late-30s. He grew up a music man - including listening to death metal. He worked in a music store and was obsessed with prog and synth pop (still is). He was composing music and noticed it was moving more towards the spiritual and devotional - but can only see that now in hindsight. He quit his job and told his wife the (good) news: He would study to become a priest. With her support they moved to Australia and he studied - returning to his home of Christchurch, carrying the guilt of not being there during the earthquake. This was my first time ever meeting Chris but we have mutual friends and we chat via Facebook. We are fellow music nerds. I was interested in his spiritual journey and thrilled that he took the time to talk through it so candidly with me.

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