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In this episode, we discuss the importance of empowering Mac users when using OneDrive in macOS. Guests include Brittany Chua, Software Engineer for OneDrive, and Jonathan Leung, Program Manager for OneDrive. The team talks about the major functionalities supported by OneDrive in macOS, unique challenges and differences between Windows and Mac, Office Collaboration Sync Integration (OSCI), tips for new Mac users and admins, and more. Also in the show, the team's Top Song from 2019, and Jason's book recommendation for the new year.

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How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

"Coma Idyllique" by Therapie TAXI

"Requiem" from Dear Evan Hansen

"Call to Arms" by Gareth Emery

"Thunderclouds" by LSD

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