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Greetings & welcome. `Instead of just giving-up.´ That is the key-sentence, when it comes to why I, after return from homelessness in Germany, restarted my #ebook writing and #audiofiction #storytelling.

My skill level is limited, but I am no longer doing really bad. I follow the author 101, I run proofreading software, I place the explicit language warning, when needed, and I am by now an award-winning author & an award-winning reviewer.

My fascination for synthetic voices began, when I tried to avoid a clear rip-off by voice actors, who asked sums of $ 50.00,- to $ 250,- (each participant PER HOUR OF WORK), without any guarantees, or qualifications, offered in return.

I know that #audiofiction is not as entertaining, as full-cast #audiodrama. But I also know, what I can do on my own, and what (sadly) not yet.

I am a street-survivor, one more idiot, who thought he could recover from university dropout, and a man with some supposedly terminal-in-ending health issues. I am also still a nicotine addict aka smoker.

The basic files of this podcast here are all cost-free. You COULD support the author, editor & producer by purchasing what my partner, Red Circle dot com, calls ACCESS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

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