The 4d20 System: Crunk and Drunk


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The worlds greatest storyteller introduces 'The Hook' to bring you back into the gooey goodness of the podcast. After that, Magic Mouth introduces news about Disco Elysium, a big ol' Tiamat miniature, and Fallout the TTRPG. Next Kraxxel and Brote debate whether certain house rules are Hokey or Homebrew, and then discuss bringing your real world into your Role Playing Games during Hallucinatory Terrain. Finally, it's an EPIC REMATCH as Brote challenges Kraxxel once again in Chromatic Quiz!!!

Magic Mouth: 12:25
Hokey or Homebrew: 39:36
Hallucinatory Terrain: 1:11:19
Chromatic Quiz: 1:26:35
12 Word Setting: 1:40:15
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