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We are back from a short Summer hiatus for our new podcast premiere date of Tuesday! There's a lot going on in this episode:
80’s film “The Goonies” gets its own tabletop board game!
Dune roleplaying game is here!
The Last Gameboard brings in $4 million to put out its digital gameboard
Disguise Self Drill: Kraxxel and Brote alternate giving each other a name, a purpose, and a descriptor, and then the other must roleplay that individual on the fly and answer three questions in character. The demi-gods must always be ready to disguise themselves to elude those who would have their heads! This exercise may help DMs create salient NPCs on the spot.

Hallucinatory Terrain: Brote leads a campaign-building discussion using the flavor texts from lands in the upcoming Magic set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realm. The duo take five minutes to read each text and then offer advice to listeners on how to flesh out the setup into a whole adventure!

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