Tokyo Olympic Wrap Up Show (Sonny Chiba Tribute)


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Taekwondo Life Magazine's look at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Taekwondo results and their impact on the future of this global martial art. After spending three years covering the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics taking place in 2021 we look at the, now concluded, Taekwondo results. What is the state of South Korea's Taekwondo program? Has Taekwondo become a truly global martial art? How did the US fair against China and other countries? How did Paige McPherson and Ana Zolotic each make history for the US Taekwondo program? We answer all these questions in this episode.

We also pay tribute to Japan's Sonny Chiba. Sonny was one of the most influential martial arts action stars of the 1970's with his film, The Street Fighter. He died at 82 in Japan, shortly after the Olympics ended, ov COVID-19.

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