Show #98 Tahmina Talks Remote Work w/Abhay Mishra, cofounder Kaamwork


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Welcome to our latest episode! We're in the middle of a global pandemic where remote work from home is the new normal. Tahmina Talks 'remote work' and more with Abhay Mishra, Cofounder of Kaamwork- a company that focuses on decentralizing the work force by enabling work-from-anywhere. This is a timely interview given that record number of Americans are out of work. And while immigrants may want to look for work outside the US, American workers could equally work for companies outside the US also. Listen to Abhay Mishra talk how he envisioned Kaamwork before the pandemic ground the globe and how his company is uniquely positioned to help anyone anywhere work for anyone. A huge thank you to Abhay for taking time to speak with me all the way from India. Here are some links people will find useful: We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode and keep an eye out for Abhay coming back to talk more remote-work soon!

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