Crucial Questions to Ask about Senior Living Options, with Lindsey Poeth


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Many of us are fortunate enough to have parents who are living. That means that someday, they may need care. What are the impacts of a parent’s need for care on our lives? Today we welcome Certified Senior Advisor Lindsey Poeth to Take Back Retirement. Lindsey shares great information on the types of care, but more importantly how to start to talk about it with your family members.

The most important advice is to start early. Have the conversation and start to do some research long before you are forced to do it.

Key Topics:

  • Becoming a caregiver for parents can put your retirement goals on the back burner (4:05)
  • It’s crucial to plan ahead (9:15)
  • “The number one feedback I get is, we should have done this years ago” (13:59)
  • What the process could look like: “they did it on their terms” (19:35)
  • How long does the research and decision process take? (23:54)
  • The role of long-term care insurance (25:19)
  • The big takeaway? Start talking! (28:25)
  • The importance of knowing where stuff is (30:13)
  • It’s OK to ask for help, and you don’t have to go it alone (33:12)

Find our guest Lindsey Poeth, Certified Senior Advisor, at 484.947.4266

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