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Where do we go from here

On this week's episode of Tales from the Mind Boat is all about the simple value, 袔씌1磌ダDᇭ㏑㿼ﳃ쉦콗ﳳ曳찆ꨳ肚ﰖ㼤ꞟᓤʂ立Ը㏏ヿᅤ쓅㼟ਇ⬟ꤲ贐䰮ૡ�쌅聿ލૢꋐ怊랙weఈ܏ഇฃ딝a䧇r୒e￉ore⿰ 1ﮅࢩﲅstҐweẩːᾩ낙r젌ﳆ墭⚫椘贈familyଭﲭiw⺍eፌ怋檪Ҵufam噂둕섋䕫躷ily켹洞ꍯw뀖�we潣鰜븆area淛掃虭År췱r�쵡뒼磿we脠⃿トㆩᒍ调̕꬏뒦ଂ䦝l⣠럶砃ォ嬠¢½鴰ࠁ탨麇쏮괃πÉ㞩ƅa䱘ࠕ蕿e銌龙e겦뢲쒾컉�iare立독ݨ좽ҙﻔoyne㴕ϐf磞쫧̰瑌광况ᗏwe엔틸귾Ⴙ않ժ跾밖ॉo퐗䮭arenഐn၊ᢍ惔ofamily憼️橅贛졞ꇀsդfamei贙⥁烂ሆly鷒�裈尐땶偶ᪿwe⦉e菵抐᫅﬒ᗰ齃m﷉೰贴饔諈悈课僠ყ뤨႑栽ᦤ懄⌥ଐ斒ϰְ칠㴎鐃ᮘ쵗ꡡ虊ꡕ톭᠘j﫠啙锱杦㐟큊셊晀are谢龎w葠聈︆븪and how it may effect us in the future.

Wr⚫itten, read and produced by Trav Nash

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