1: Annie


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The Tombstone Tavern is the local haunt of horror legends Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wailing Woman, Wolf Man and The Mummy.
Under cover of darkness they get in the drinks and try to give one another chills with their own takes on Lovecraft, B movies, slashers, ghost stories and the occult. But perhaps all is not what it seems…

Join us this episode as our creepy crew listens to Annie's Lovecraftian tale of The Dentist of Kingsport... yeah, she's working on the name.
Written and edited by Delmar Terblanche, directed by Jamie Boucher and produced by Ameena Hamid.
Delmar Terblanche as the Narrator and Adam
Joshua Manning as Vlad Dracul
Anna Chedham-Cooper as Lady Shirley Edith James
Percival Fagent as Wolfgang the Wolfman
Sena Bryer as Queen Ank-es-en-Amon
Joshua Manning as Michael
Percival Fagent as John
Anna Chedham-Cooper as Sara

With original music by Syderas (Gabriela Ferreira) and Sword Coast Soundscapes. Thanks to Arts Council England for their support.

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