Episode 19: Caitlin Starling - Untitled Faerie Story


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This month, we're joined by Locus and Bram Stoker Award nominated author, and winner of this year's Ladies in Horror Award, Caitlin Starling (@see_starling @authorcstarling)! Caitlin's new novella, Yellow Jessamine, came out on September 5th from Neon Hemlock Press. We're treated to an excerpt of Caitlin's trunked novel, Untitled Faerie Story, which can be affectionately described as "idiots to lovers," before having a wonderful conversation about the whys and hows of writing horror and how online text-based roleplaying helped to shape Caitlin's writing.

Things mentioned in this episode:

The Luminous Dead, by Caitlin Starling

Valerie Valdes

Guild Wars 2

Martha Wells

Max Gladstone

Clockwork Boys, by T. Kingfisher

Raising Steam, by Terry Pratchett (GNU)

The California State Railroad Museum


Megan E. O'Keefe

Animal Crossing

The Death of Jane Lawrence, by Caitlin Starling

Rubber duck debugging

Harrow the Ninth, by Tamsyn Muir

Silk and Steel

Join us again on October 16th, when our guest will be Jennifer Mace

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