Episode 6 - Novice Nurse: Susie Terse! - Diagnosis Capitalism


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The San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents! The continuing story of "Novice Nurse: Susie Terse!" - Can she continue to fight off the bureaucracy while fending off the corrupt Capitalist Healthcare Conspiracy? Or will she be locked up as a Cop hating Commie forever? Find out this week in, Novice Nurse: Susie Terse! Diagnosis Capitalism is written by Ellen Callas with Michael Gene Sullivan, directed by Velina Brown and Michael Gene Sullivan. Commercials written by Marie Cartier. Music & lyrics by Daniel Savio. Music production by Dred Scott, Woodwinds by Dylan Jennings. Audio engineering and sound design by Taylor Gonzalez. This episode of Novice Nurse Susie Terse! featured Andre Amarotico, Lizzie Calogero, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Brian Rivera,Marissa Ellison with Daniel Savio, Marie Cartier, Gillian Eichenberger, Michael Gene Sullivan as your announcer and starring Lisa Hori-Garcia as Susie Terse! Tales of the Resistance is a radio serial by the San Francisco Mime Troupe. You can find more information at www.sfmt.org

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