Talk Evidence - political persuasion and mortality, too much medicine


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In this week's episode, Helen Macdonald is joined by Joseph Ross, US research editor for The BMJ, and Juan Franco, editor of BMJ EBM. They begin by discussing a review of obesity interventions in primary care, and Joe wonders if GPs are really the best people to tackle the issue. Cervical screening in the UK now includes HPV testing, and they look at research which examines whether this could mean longer periods between screening tests. They all enjoy a new State of the Art Review into Revascularization in stable coronary artery disease. Juan and Joe look at a review into combinations of covid-19 vaccinations - and wonder whether we'll ever see more trials to fit into this meta-analysis. Finally, they find out how your political persuasion has affected mortality in the US, with new research that links Republican and Democrat voters with differential changes in mortality.

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