257: Batman Returns


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On this week's podcast we discuss how Tim Burton either loves or hates Christmas and the Circus, showcased in the Christmas classic Batman Returns! We talk about an iconic Penguin and Catwoman, one scene that proves an understanding of Batman, ask if Penguin is an actual demon, and how Catwoman is sexy but not sexualized.

Talking points this week:

13:00 – Burton has no interest in exploring Batman, but he GETS Batman

15:00 – Fantasizing what a 3rd Burton Batman movie would be

21:30 – Is the Penguin a man stuck between Animorph transformations?

41:25 – Catwoman genuinely has 9 lives somehow

48:00 – Batman vs Catwoman: Insanity Plea Edition

51:00 – The two perfect Batman moments from this movie

55:30 – The beauty and brilliance of revealing Catwoman from a distance

1:14:30 – He created little penguin brainwashing helmets as PLAN B!

1:28:00 – What would you change?

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