Talk Heathen 04.47 11-22-2020 with Vi La Bianca and Jon Steingard


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Greetings Heathens!
We are switching it up a bit today, our wonderful Vi La Bianca is hosting, but please welcome Jon Steingard as our co-host today. Jon was the frontman of a Christian band and he is here to tell us his story and help others in their journey by listening to their calls and having conversations. Welcome Jon, we are glad you are here today!
Let’s get to calls! Nick in Virginia would like to get some advice when dealing with immediate family after deconverting and leaving his cult. He wants to be able to be a positive role model for his brothers and is having a tough time reconciling how they are being raised.
Ryan in Arizona is up next, he is wondering about his evolution from atheism into pantheism and back to atheism. He is also having an argument with a friend about this and keeping spiritual elements to his life and if that is ok as an atheist.
John in Texas is curious about objectivity from a subjective point of view. Jon brings it around and talks about Descartes and how he approached this. The caller’s journey with us ends with him claiming we are in the end times. Whoa, what a turn!
Big Country in Arizona is struggling with their faith because of the historical inaccuracy of the Bible and if there is real evidence of God/prophets/etc. Did Jesus/Yeshua truly exist during the Bronze Age? You’re so close BC, keep on asking questions!
Jace in Minnesota is a Norse polytheist and would like to talk about his beliefs. Vi really digs into this and asks a lot of really fantastic questions. Such as, how do you determine these beings exist, how do you show this evidence to others, or convince others they are real? This should be interesting.
Robert in Massachusetts is wondering about using “spiritual rituals” like tarot or readings in a skeptical way about it. As long as you are upfront about your intent and educational about these methods. “You don’t so much predict the future, but give them food for thought.”
That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and continue to social distance. Please stay home on Thanksgiving (for you Americans out there). It is incredibly selfish to host a large gathering with COVID spiking and overwhelming hospitals countrywide. See you next week!

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