#326: Building Desktop Apps with wxPython


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Did you know I'm a fan of GUIs. You know, they are kind of like web pages, but they run on your computer, they have their own windows, and you can even use them offline! On this episode, we'll dive into wxPython with Mike Driscoll. He's back on the podcast to share his hard-won experience on building and distributing Python Window-based applications.
Links from the show
Mike on Twitter: @driscollis
Creating GUI Applications with wxPython book: amazon.com
PySimpleGUI: pysimplegui.readthedocs.io
DearPyGui: github.com
wxPython: wxpython.org
wxPython Phoenix: github.com
wxWidgets: wxwidgets.org
wxFormBuilder: github.com
wxGlade: sourceforge.net
Balsamiq: balsamiq.com
RoboMongo: robomongo.org
Toga: beeware.org
api.nasa.gov: api.nasa.gov
PyInstaller: pyinstaller.org
URLify app: pyinstaller.org
wingware: wingware.com
openpyxl: openpyxl.readthedocs.io
Watch YouTube live stream edition: youtube.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm
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