244 - The changing landscape of practice management systems in Australia. Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch, Best Practice Software


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Change is constant and that’s exactly what’s happening with the landscape of practice management systems. Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch are co-founders of Australia's leading clinical and practice management software for primary care; Best Practice Software. Best Practice Software is a leader in the development and support of quality medical software products for Australasian medical practice. In this episode, Pete, Frank and Lorraine picked up where they left off just before COVID. They explore the new landscape for healthcare and GPs, the current regulatory, policy and system landscapes, including medicare, and eScripts. This episode looks at the reality of practice management software, including changes implemented by Medicare and COVID-19. By listening to this episode, you could also learn how eScripts possibly helped to save lives, the future of telehealth, phone calls versus video consults and lots more.

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