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Will the My Health Record ever become a valuable infrastructure?

Peter Birch is the founder and host of the Talking HealthTech podcast and is one of the board members of the Medical Software Industry Association and a company director for MetaOptima. Tjaša Zajc is the founder and host of the Faces of Digital Health podcast and is also the Community Developer at the healthcare IT company Better. Talking HealthTech features content and community for those wanting to learn and connect about technology in healthcare.

Faces of Digital Health is a podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies.

In this episode, Pete and Tjasa discuss the My Health Record (MyHR), the opt-in and out controversy surrounding MyHR, clinicians' ability to connect to the record and how that affects the record's completion status, including the populations being covered and much more. For tips on scaling into the Australian market as an international vendor or vice versa, tune into this episode. Also, how has the MyHR progressed since it was first introduced, what are the challenges with it? These and many other questions are addressed in this episode.

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