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The invasion of Delve continues with sov changes in Fountain. Provibloc breaks up as CVA moves out of their traditional home, Providence. New wrinkle in Triglavian war. Tridget of Iron Armada steals a bunch of bombs from Imperium structures.


Hey Team, there was an error in the formulas I, Artimus, used to filter the data when calculating timer loss percentages. As a result, the percentages in the graphs shown and discussed during the Sunday show were inaccurate. Here are the updated graphs:

Looks like the only major point that changes is the one about troll timers. It appears that on average the Imperium loses 45% of TCU timers and 28% of ihub timers.


RonUSMC, Matterall, Elise Randolph, Baleful Dysnomia, Artimus Albosa


Game News

Player News

  • New wrinkle in Triglavian war
  • Notable fight at an Ushra’Kahn Fortizar in Bosboger link
  • Providence update
  • War
    • Most action is in Fountain including a new staging system for the invaders
    • Querious timers >25
    • Chili corp (traitors)
    • Stealing Bombs (Grand Theft Ammo)
    • Progod’s moonwalk video
    • Madcow/ISRAD stole Levi from TEST
  • Hydra killed – killmail

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EVE Echoes – Aug 13 link

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War Report 07/04-07/26 – Check the charts and losses by ships for interesting notes

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