Talking Motorcycles with Carl Reese/Extreme Endurance Riding


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In this episode we go inside the mind of long distance endurance rider/driver Carl Reese. We learn why he does what he does and how he does what he does. Anyone who participates in an Iron Butt or simply loves long distance motorcycling will enjoy our conversation with Carl. What does he eat? How do you ride over3,000 in 39 hours? All this and more in this edition of Talking Motorcycles. In this exclusive interview Carl will publicly announce what his next project is to be. He has called it #project9 and for the first time in public media we get the idea behind this project. Carl Reese will attempt to break the all time closed course distance record in 24 hours on a motorcycle. Glenn Stasky joins Carl on the show to discuss how they are planning to equip the BMW K1600GT with 30,000 lumen of light using Clearwater Lights! The 8.5 mile banked oval will serve as the place for the world record attempt. Thank you for listening to Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone! Special thanks to: Clearwater Lights Harley-Davidson Motor Company Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Bell Powersports

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