Episode #71 "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request"


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This week on Talking Sopranos it’s another double barrel episode! Michael and Steve welcome William DeMeo (Jason Molinaro) and Joe Maruzzo (Joe Peeps) to the podcast.

Will’s dream was always to join the cast of the Sopranos but when he was first offered a role he had to turn it down because he was shooting Analyze This. David Chase remembered him and later cast him as Jason.

Joe and Michael have been friends from way back and have a great time catching up. Joe shares some incredible stories about his first day on set and how he found out his family actually had a real connection to the mob.

Then it’s the big wedding episode….Michael and Steve break down “Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request” Talking Sopranos #71 S6-Ep5. Don’t forget to ask Michael and Steve questions and buy official merchandise at the Talking Sopranos website.

In Conversation with the Sopranos Live - Saturday October 16, 2021 Ikeda Theater, Mesa, AZ. Go to the link below or Call 480-644-6500 for tickets.






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