Ep. 20 MI when working with people with psychosis


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Ep. 20 MI when working with people with psychosis

We hope you enjoy our latest episode where we welcome Dr. Rory Allott to the program to explore using MI when working with people with a diagnosis of psychosis. Rory is a Clinical Psychologist working part-time in the National Health Service in an Early Intervention Service working with young people (14-35) and their families. Over the last 20 years he hasRory Allott worked in a wide range of settings including a Diabetes resource centre, drugs services and a wide range of mental health services. Rory was a therapist and researcher on the MIDAS trial (Barrowclough et al., 2010), the largest ever randomised controlled trial of a psychological intervention (MICBT) for people experiencing psychosis and misusing substances. He teaches about supervision and motivational interviewing on the Clinical Psychology Doctoral programmes at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool. Primarily a practitioner but with a strong interest in research, Rory has an International reputation for innovation in training and has been invited to deliver several Plenary sessions on Motivational Interviewing. He has several international publications, book chapters and conference presentations on the integration of MI and cognitive behavioural therapy.

0:00 – Opening/introduction

1:45 – Rory’s introduction and early MI story

4:30 – Overview of Rory’s work with people with psychosis

9:20 – Empathy: Experiencing, learning, and expressing

18:45 – Noticing the need to shift in conversation: “The helicopter view”

27:20 – Carl Rogers’ influence on working with people with psychosis

33:45 – Risks in connection

38:45 – Acceptance for those with “tenaciously held beliefs”

45:00 – Professional well-being

50:00 – The power of a “kind face”

55:00 – A need for patience

59:40 – Offering choice in mandated situations

1:02:00 – Challenges from auditory hallucinations

1:08:45 – “Not being the worst…”

1:11:40 – Role of medication

1:17:43 – End of recording

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