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It is so good to be back after a long season break, for Season 4 of Talking PFAS podcast. There is some important changes this season, as you might have noticed. Today's episode includes a short recap of Season 3 guests and also incorporates the NEW Talking PFAS News. There is so much PFAS news occurring that I decided to create news episodes to cover more PFAS information from Australia and around the world. These news episodes will publish every fortnight, on a Monday. But don't fret if you really love the old format I will still be doing longer interviews and putting these episodes up about every six weeks, these will be called Talking PFAS Features. Please feel free to let me know what you think of this change and send me leads at TalkingPFAS@gmail.com. The next Talking PFAS News will publish on 19/5/2021.

Today's Talking PFAS News features discussion about several PFAS litigation events that have occurred or are currently in motion, in Alaska, Michigan, and Sweden. I also include some of my recent interview with Environmental Attorney John Gardella from CMBG3 Law in Boston. He breaks down the current litigation action in Alaska which was filed by the Attorney General against 30 companies, and John also fills us in on the recent PFAS settlement, against a paper mill in Michigan, which settled for $11.9 million US dollars. I had a fabulous and very interesting talk with John Gardella who is the guest in the first Talking PFAS feature for the year which will publish on 6 May 2021, and you don't want to miss this one, if you have any interest in PFAS litigation. John Gardella wrote about both the Alaska and Michigan PFAS litigation in The National Law Review and I will include links in the show notes below.

Also in this episode I was kindly given permission by Dave Russell, from Radio Sweden Weekly to play a portion of audio from his show which aired on 15/4/2021. Special thanks to Dave and his team for allowing me to do this. He explains a recent class action which settled in favour of 165 citizens in Kallinge, Ronneby Sweden.

Show Notes:

Radio Sweden Weekly: Triumph for David over Goliath in water poisoning case. 15/4/2021 -Produced by Dave Russell ( & audio used with permission)

Articles by Attorney John Gardella - CMBG3 Law Boston - John is the special guest of the first Talking PFAS Feature
which will publish this week Thursday, May 6, 2021.

PFAS Paper Mill Settlement Reflects Growing Trend - The National Law Review
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - Attorney John Gardella CMBG3 Law, Boston

Alaska PFAS lawsuit - Latest State Action on PFAS - The National Law Review
Thursday, April 22, 2021 - Attorney John Gardella CMBG3 Law, Boston

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