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talkPOPc or the Philosophers' Ontological Party club is a non-profit founded by Dena Shottenkirk, who is both a philosopher and an artist. talkPOPc sponsors one-to-one conversations with a philosopher, who always dons our amazing gold African king hat! Various philosophers participate and it happens in various places. For example, we go into bars and have one-to-one conversations. Various bars, both dives and fancy. We go to Grand Central Station in New York City. We go to the sidewalk outside City Hall in Philly. We go into bodegas all over Brooklyn. We sit down next to the deli counter and hold a conversation with someone who has walked in to get a ham sandwich and walked out knowing so much more about their own thoughts. We go into city parks or down dead end streets and set up the talkPOPc's tent. We listen. Here are some of the conversations.

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