Talos Takes Ep. #41: Why you should upgrade to Snort 3


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For this week’s episode of Talos Takes, we’re switching back to Snort talk. For anyone who hasn’t been on security Twitter over the past month, you may not know that we released the Snort 3 GA last month — formally known as Snort 3.1.0. To celebrate, Nick Mavis joins the show again to discuss Snort 3’s new features and upgrades over 2.9.X. Nick, who regularly writes Snort rules for Cisco Talos and has been working hands-on with both versions of Snort for years, talks about how the rules improve with Snort 3, why detection and protection are better and everything else he loves about Snort 3. For more, check out the Snort 3 page on Snort.org.

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