Overcoming Shame & Embracing Vulnerability


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Shame is the voice in our ear that tells us we’re not enough, that asks us who we think we are when we have the courage to try to do or be. On this episode of Tamarindo, we are joined by guest Angelica Maria, a Chicana poet & singer. She is an advocate of divine femme power, an internationally touring artist & mami of the poetry book “They Call Me”.Together we unpack shame; we ground in what shame is, why we experience it, and how we can stop giving it so much power while embracing the power of vulnerability.

During the conversation, we reference Brene Brown’s Ted talk “Listening to Shame” and Glennon Doyle’s Book “Untamed”.

Angelica reads a poem from her poetry book called “They Call Me bien creida” and we play a portion of her song “Me Vale”, from her forthcoming album.

Our episode is sponsored by Alma Explores, Marisa Ramirez Consulting, and by Justice Work. Justice work is encouraging our community to participate in the first ever National LGBTQ+ Women*s Community Survey to help address the gaps in knowledge, policy analysis, organizing, and advocacy about the life experiences, needs, priorities and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ women, our partners, and families. Take the Survey.

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