Episode 13: Interview with Stuart Davidson, author of ‘Wasting Police Time’


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This week I interview Stuart Davidson, the author of the No.1 best-seller about law and order 'Wasting Police Time'

The following description of the book was taken from Amazon;

"Ever wondered why you can't find a policeman when you want one? PC David Copperfield has the answer: they're all inside the station, writing reports, photocopying, stapling and filing (when they're not getting caught up in the squabbles of Kaycee, Dwayne, her ex's ex, his sister's boyfriend's mum and that slag who sent them all a nasty message on Facebook). Wasting Police Time is PC Copperfield's insider’s diary of life as a modern British bobby. It's the first book to spill the beans about the way senior police officers waste our money while they fiddle the crime figures and scramble to meet bogus Home Office targets. Copperfield is drily sarcastic and biting about his bosses, the criminals he deals with and the judges and politicians who have allowed our streets to collapse into chaos while they live in fortified houses and are driven around by armed police. The book is so close to the mark that police minister Tony McNulty denounced it in the House of Commons as ‘more of a fiction than Dickens’ (and then had to admit he was wrong about this on the BBC’s Panorama). 'Graphic, entertaining and sobering' - The Observer 'A huge hit... will make you laugh out loud' - The Daily Mail 'Very revealing' - The Daily Telegraph 'One of the three political books of the moment' - Nick Cohen, The Observer 'Hilarious... should be compulsory reading for our political masters' - The Mail on Sunday 'Passionate, important, interesting and genuinely revealing... riveting' - The Sunday Times 'A sensation' - The Sun"

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