Ep. 16 | Spring Cleaning Part 3 of 3: Can't shake a past regret? Listen + learn why it is so important and HOW TO do it!


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Podcast Ep #16: Spring Cleaning Regret + Clearing out the Time and Energy to Believe New Things “The role that I play in my real life matters.” This is why it is the perfect time to clear out our regrets. The seeds that spark our imaginations are a focus of my work these days. Especially after finding myself unable to access my imaginative forces during a five month period at the age of 51. I promised myself that I would continue to nurture the faculty of my imagination and never tell myself again that I was too old, irrelevant, and had made all of the wrong decisions. Instead, I decided to leave all of those thoughts on the shore. They were not the boots that would get me across the water to my next horizon. The other thing that fascinates me about this idea of where we find inspiration and what happens when we follow it is that we become a part of the imaginative cycle. We see someone who has done something we haven’t done, we then allow ourselves to believe it is possible for ourselves, and we take the inspired action necessary to realize that imaginative goal. And then, we find ourselves in the role of serving as inspiration for another. ACIM puts it this way, when you free yourself from your own limitations, you open the door for a thousand other people to walk through it. For Nupita, first it is “an intellectual exercise to believe in the imaginary circumstances.” Because her friend from Kenya had attended Yale drama school, it was possible for Lupita’s “imagination to expand.” Someone that looked like her, sounded like her, who came from the same part of the world as her, had done it. This fascinates me. What strikes me this morning as I am listening to this gorgeous podcast interview is the deeper why of why reconciling and clearing our personal regret and resentments matter. It matters because our country is being presented with the same work right now and if we have not done this work in our personal lives, how can we open the door to do this in our societal lives. Who is going to do this work and be the example of what is possible if not you? This is the perfect Segway into the work we are going to do today … tapping to release regret. Regrets are the harms you feel you have done to yourself or others. These might be decisions you have made that you now look on as decisions that have set you back. These might also be the choices that you have made in your past that you now use against yourself as evidence for feeling undeserving of good things. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “If you are living by certain emotions that keep you connected to the past, then you can’t create a new future.” Check out his interview on the Goop Podcast, too. Or if you want to go deeper with Dr. Joe, I will include links in the show notes about his book “Breaking the Habit of Being You.” This book changed my life 3 years ago and explained the emotional fuel part of the equation for me in a way I had not heard it before by making the connection between our emotions and the hormones and chemical states they release in our bodies and how we become addicted to those cortisol and adrenaline states and what it takes to switch over to more sustainable energy of oxytocin. All of that is for another podcast. Back to releasing regret. Make yourself comfortable. Listen to the tapping exercise I walk you through. Until next time, XOXO + Press on, T P.S. If you want to walk through that door with me, April Soul School Classes begin on Tuesday. Register here. Check it out for 3 months. Featured: David White, Finnistere A Course in Miracles Lesson 57: Lesson 31 I am not a victim of the world I see; Lesson 32 I have invented the world I see; Lesson 33 There is another way of looking at the world; Lesson 34 I could see peace instead of this; Lesson 35 My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy. Goop Podcast: Gwyneth x Lupita Nyong’o on Giving Yourself Permission to Learn Good Podcast: How to Become Your Future Self with Joe Dispenza The Tapping Solution, Nick and Jessica Ortner Brad Yates, Tapping to Clear Regret The Life Coach School podcast, Ep #259 Abundance Assets: The Three Most Important Assets in Our Lives: Our Brains, Our Time, Our Money. Soul School, tarasimkins.com

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