Ep. 24 | Pressing On ~ Walking in Confidence


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In this podcast, I share:

~ I share the power of developing the skill of walking into "unchartered territory" with confidence.

~ I explore the what "unchartered territory" really means.

~ I share the power of understanding the difference between the things we don't know we don't know, the things we know we don't know and the things we know.

~ I ask you to review your memory banks for all of the times you have navigated "unchartered territory," including the "unchartered territory" you looked forward to navigating.

~ I ask you to consider these times as similar and drawing upon your success in navigating previous uncertain times to develop the necessary confidence.

~ I share the value contained in these podcasts and how you will survive and thrive through these times if you sit down and seriously do the necessary inner work to develop the mental and emotional wellbeing that these podcasts show you how to develop.

I remain honored and privileged that you have chosen me to be your guide during this time.

XOXO + Press on,


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