TARABUSTER WEEKDAY: Conservatism Is - And Always Has Been - A Dangerous Con


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Another day in the United States of Serfs and Lords. Trumpanzees threaten patriotic Americans while Trump encourages them and the Republicon leadership stays. Republicons only "see the light" when something affects them directly. That's not only selfish, it's unpatriotic. Right wing morons rip down a monolith in the name of the Jesus they pretend to worship. We discuss the day's madness. __________ ALSO - Please help Smokey if you can https://tinyurl.com/yyyteco7 _________ BECOME A "TARABUSTER" PATRON: www.patreon.com/taradevlin Join the Tarabuster community on Discord too!! https://discord.gg/PRYDBx8 Buy some Resistance Merch and help support our progressive work! rdtdaily-merch.myshopify.com/ Donate to RDTdaily.com and "Tarabuster." rdtdaily.com/dona…/donate-to-rdtdaily-2/

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