TARABUSTER WEEKDAY: One Day Left To Stop The Republicon Fascist Madness


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Another day in the United States of Serfs and Lords. Republicons hate democracy. There's one day left to stop them. "Funny" how the fascists only pepper spray people on the way to vote, not morons trying run people off the road or blocking traffic for hours in the name of their Dumb Führer. We discuss the day's madness. _____________ BECOME A "TARABUSTER" PATRON: www.patreon.com/taradevlin ____________ LEAVE TARA A MESSAGE: 360-777-6007 (your message may be played on the air) ____________ Join the Tarabuster community on Discord too!! https://discord.gg/PRYDBx8 Buy some Resistance Merch and help support our progressive work! rdtdaily-merch.myshopify.com/ ____________________ Donate to RDTdaily.com: rdtdaily.com/dona…/donate-to-rdtdaily-2/ ___________ Tweet @REALTaraDevlin or join the Chat LIVE at www.youtube.com/c/RDTdailyMedia

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