TARABUSTER Weekday: Republicons are America-Loathing Traitors - Prove Me Wrong


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Another day in the United States of Serfs and Lords. Trump is attempting a coup. How will he ever face Putin if he doesn't succeed? Republicons activate their army of aggreived dupes to attack the Capitol and the police let them. White Privilege, anyone? We discuss the madness. __________ Help our friend Robin Kincaid get oral surgery before it gets worse. F this country, I know. http://gofundbob.com/ _________ JOIN ROKFIN to ACCESS EXCLUSIVE TARABUSTER CONTENT AS WELL AS SOME MORE GREAT LIBERAL TALKERS - INCLUDING RON PLACONE, JIMMY DORE, LEE CAMP, GRAHAM ELWOOD AND MORE! https://rokfin.com/tarabuster BECOME A "TARABUSTER" PATRON: www.patreon.com/taradevlin Join the Tarabuster community on Discord too!! https://discord.gg/PRYDBx8 Buy some Resistance Merch and help support our progressive work! rdtdaily-merch.myshopify.com/ Donate to RDTdaily.com and "Tarabuster." rdtdaily.com/dona…/donate-to-rdtdaily-2/

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