March of the Art Farts


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For this podcast episode we are going to war! No, were not lobbing bombs into Syria like our pedo president. We are marching our art fart army out to fight in da Beauty War! We will be bursting through da ramparts of bad art to annihilate mediocrity once and for all!

And to lead da charge is the King of Cakeland Scott Hove, then we hurl High Concept Dragula Queen Abhora into da fray, and reinforcing da rear is Multi-media artist & fitness superhero Hyperbody! Plus triggering trash poetry from Wesley Doloris!
PLUS PLUS a couple tasty excerpts from Cakeraphenia, the Cakeland performance by Disasterina & Ave Rose.
PLUS PLUS PLUS awesome music from Doctor Steevo, Chuck Cirino, Atom Smith AND Disasterina herself!

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