Episode 14: Brass Warrior of Bracanna


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The lovable Cat & Co. decide to continue their adventure by seeking two monsters located near the Graythorn Forest. However, before leaving the capital city, the group finds themselves running into an adventurous Halfling and a fully armored Dragonborn. Are these new characters friend or foe?! Find out on this episode of T&C!

Join us as our DM Rhyan (@haphazardDM) tries to kill our beloved characters - Desiree/Damien Lovelace (@OMFG_Imawesome), Isundra (@daggertribal), Nomu the Monstrous, and Edeyar Dossane(jwplayer0) while we try to ruin whatever it is he has planned. Please follow us on Twitter @TavernsCaverns and let us know how you feel about the podcast!

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