4: What You May Not Know About Civil Forfeiture


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We all know that the Constitution says that the government cannot deny anyone of life liberty or property without due process of law. But did you know that the government may be able to seize your property - even if you're not accused of a crime? It's true. Federal and state statutes allow authorities to take your property through a process called civil forfeiture. Many taxpayers are unclear on the laws and guidelines that support civil forfeiture. In this week’s podcast, Kelly and her guest Dan Alban, a fighting and pro-bono defense attorney for similar cases discuss the ins, outs, dos, and don’ts of civil forfeiture.

Hope for Civil Forfeiture Progression and Reform

Sadly, there have been many innocent victims who have experienced and are still experiencing Civil Forfeiture issues. Dan helps Kelly unfold many grey areas of Civil Forfeiture as well as tips and resources on how Taxpayers and other innocent victims can forgo their litigations or prevent future incidents. They share real life cases and how civil forfeiture has progressed, as well as the hopes and optimism for reform in the future.

Listen to Kelly and Dan cover many topics on Civil Forfeiture, such as:

  • The History of Civil Forfeiture
  • How Civil Forfeiture has transitioned
  • Structuring and the challenges with structuring
  • The expenses and process behind Civil Forfeiture Litigations
  • Pending Cases and Resolutions
  • The unknown air traveling with money rules and laws
  • Rules and Tips for Taxpayers
  • IRS Seizure Laws
  • Attorney Assistance and Legal Proceedings
  • Violations and Due Process
  • Hopes for progression and reforms

More About Kelly Phillips Erb:

Kelly is the creator and host of the new Taxgirl podcast series. Kelly is a practicing tax attorney with considerable experience and knowledge. She works with taxpayers like you every day. One of the things that she does is help folks out of tax jams, and hopefully, keep others from getting into them.

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