TCBCast 182: The Mystery of Jimmy Breedlove


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No less than five* different releases from the official Elvis collector label Follow That Dream have featured recordings by a man with a distinct voice simply named "Jimmy Breedlove." But upon looking further, revealed is a man produced by Jesse Stone, who worked with Winfield Scott, sang for LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown, Ivory Joe Hunter and Big Joe Turner, who signed to Epic Records like Roy Hamilton, released an LP on RCA Camden, and wrote singles for Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders and Julie Rogers.

So who was this man? What is his story? Where did he go, and why did he slip through the cracks of rock and roll history only to wind up on a bunch of Elvis CDs? This week, we're uncovering the mystery behind Jim Breedlove.

For Song of the Week, while Gurdip goes very nearly all the way to the beginning, picking Elvis' personal demo "I'll Never Stand in Your Way," Justin selects "I Don't Want To" which was cut from Girls! Girls! Girls! despite appearing on the soundtrack and in the trailer.

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*Writing for the King, King Creole, Best of British Vol. 2, Best of British Vol. 3, and The Making of Viva Las Vegas

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