Bridgerton Diamond of the First Water


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This week, Wendy and Toni talk about April 1813 and the start of the marriage market season. We’ve watched the first episode numerous times and paused at the same places to research things and find easter eggs. The eggs led to bee references and to the other Bridgerton books in the series. Gathering information led to a building with a significant surname. Certain colors and plants depicted families well and even led to the stepback cover of “The Duke and I.” We refer to cast and crew articles and interviews to explain such things as butt de-shining, a necklace, and filming locations. Follower questions were answered to better understand the show. Embroidering may be a favorite pastime if we tried, but coming up with theories seems more entertaining. We’ve noticed some female characters that may be significant mamas and daughters for other seasons or hoping they’re a part of a musical family. Of course, we talk about Daphne and Simon who don’t want to sit by each other and shouldn’t be seen together, but make a statement amongst fireworks. Join us as we recap and breakdown the “Diamond of the First Water” episode!
Wendy’s Favorite Scribble –
“’Of all the bitches dead or alive, a scribbling woman is the most canine.’” –Lady Whistledown
Toni’s Favorite Scribble –
“I am fully subscribed to the belief that reformed rakes make the very best of husbands.” –Lady Violet Bridgerton
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