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Awards and reveals!
An award for awesome listeners should be a thing. Thank you to Alice who brought out some buzzy clean-up topics: gooseberry pie, the Hare and the Hound, and Madame Delacroix.
Helen Byrne wins the Aspire Design and Home magazine Best Use of Floral Design Award for her beautiful settings in the show. Plus, Bridgerton won the Best Costumes to Enhance Décor award.
Toni needs to learn a tad bit more about American football (she does watch the Super Bowls) than film settings. Wendy had to explain what the NFL Draft x Bridgerton collaboration was about. Have you seen the commercial?
Hopefully, the Virgin Media BAFTA’s Must-See Moment award will be won by Bridgerton for the shocking reveal at the end of season one! For UK residents, please vote!
Thank you to the UK resident(s) who took revealing pictures and proving that filming has commenced!
The release dates for seasons three and four have been announced. Hopefully production will stick to tradition and release this year…they’re already filming!
We’ll be waiting for more pictures. Until then, join us as we wait for Bridgerton to win the most talked about moment award!
Hosts – Toni Rose & Wendy Woo
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