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We’re officially in the short episode domain!
Hopefully, Nicola Coughlan and Kim K’s budding friendship continues to grow. We can relate as two fan girls fangirl about something they love! Wouldn’t it be great to get Lady Gabrielle Bridgerton-Wade in on the conversation?
The conversation may shift to getting more romance novels adapted. Like Shonda Rhimes said on the latest Bridgerton: The Official Podcast, “I don’t care who you are. You see yourself in these books.” That statement could be referenced for most (if not all) romance books!
Don’t forget to take a slight break from reading to vote for Bridgerton which was nominated for three 2021 MTV Move and TV awards. Winning all three would be welcomed, but we’ll take the win for best kiss!
Buzzy updates may be slow in the coming months, but at least they’re filming. Until then, join us as we get everyone to vote every day for the MTV awards!
Hosts – Toni Rose & Wendy Woo
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