Bridgerton Shock and Delight


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Wendy and Toni hope episode two also made everyone feel as if they’ve gone through an emotional roller coaster. The show starts with a past event that brought Simon into this world. The flashbacks correlated with present events giving us a better understanding of the current Duke of Hastings. Horrifying events that young Simon went through portrays the feelings that led to the vow at the end. But as we learn more of Simon, we see the repercussions of Daphne’s facer to Berbrooke in episode one and the planning and gossiping needed to get him out of the picture. We go on a journey with the innocent misses of the ton to get more information on a condition that may be catching. The mention of tulips is explained and it’s also an Easter egg. In addition to eggs, we were served with a lot of foreshadowing. We’ve seen #PenEloise last episode and we get #BenEloise have a lovely smoking session. We also learn some back story that has Eloise afraid of what Daphne’s going through, the marriage market. With one unwanted proposal dissolved and many suitors calling, Daphne will do what she must to get what she wants with or without Hastings help. Join us as we recap and breakdown the “Shock and Delight” episode!

Wendy and Toni’s Favorite Scribble –
“When I was a girl, some centuries ago, I was afraid of even my own reflection. I entered a room and attempted to dissolve into the shadows. But there is only so long one in a position such as ours can hide. I knew I would have to step into the light someday, and I could not very well be frightened. So, instead, I made myself frightening. I sharpened my wit, my wardrobe, and my eye, and I made myself the most terrifying creature in any room I entered…You can speak. I understood you well enough. And I will help you to overcome this stammer of yours. But in exchange, you must promise me that when you step into the light, you will be worthy of the attention you command.” -Lady Danbury to four-year-old Simon
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