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She’s finally here… Edwina has been announced! The lady with the beguiling eyes, Charithra Chandran, will be playing Kate’s younger half-sister as mentioned in an article from The article also mentioned a new nob(ility) to the books named Jack. Our minds were whirling coming up with too-early-to-tell theories regarding who he’ll be connected to.
As requested, we dive into the lyrics of “Strange” by Kris Bowers, originally Celeste, featuring Hillary Smith which was played when Simon and Daphne consummated their marriage in episode five. How apt was that song for that moment in the show?!
Although the show was up against amazing shows during this year’s SAG awards and they didn’t win, they all looked damn good. The show did win at the Make-Up and Hairstylist Awards!
We may not have a ducal appearance next season, but we have a new character. Any changes that were made in season one were phenomenal and we can’t wait to see magic happen again in season two. Especially, seeing a dynamic couple come together!
We’ll definitely be looking out for a stream of happy, buzzy updates from the Bridgerton camp after the news we received this past week. Until then, join us as we celebrate the reveal of our Edwina Sharma!
Hosts – Toni Rose & Wendy Woo
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