'Stickiness to old products necessitates new asset management firms': Arca's Rayne Steinberg


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Welcome to the Tearsheet Podcast. I’m Tearsheet editor in chief, Zack Miller. It’s hard to differentiate between the hype around digital assets and what’s fundamentally changing. Our guest on the podcast today has a foot in both worlds. Rayne Steinberg is co-founder of Arca, a digital asset manager. He was also a co-founder of WisdomTree, a pioneer in the ETF industry. Arca is an institutional grade financial services firm investing in digital assets, as well as building products utilizing blockchain — the firm launched The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund, a closed-end registered fund issuing shares as digital securities that are transferable using blockchain technology. We talk about Steinberg’s journey from running an upstart fund manager in ETFs to the new world of digital assets and how the two experiences parallel and where they diverge. We talk about what institutional and retail investors need when it comes to crypto and where the opportunities are to serve them. Rayne Steinberg is my guest today on the Tearsheet Podcast.

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