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Leanne Matthews delivers an important message about the need to be positive about sex, the lack of quality in sex education in schools, and much much more. It was an eye opening talk from a confident and intellectual guest.
Here's how Leanne describes who she is and what she does...
"I am passionate about inclusive and honest Sex Education that doesn't just focus on the biology of how babies are made and preventing unwanted pregnancy or STIs. I believe that Sex Ed should represent people of all body types, sexualities and genders as well as being mindful of culturally and religious differences and attitudes.
The Sex Ed (or lack of) that we receive as young people can shape the way we feel about ourselves and influence all future relationships, not just in a romantic sense.
Sex Ed should be honest about why many people have sex (it's not just to keep the species alive!) and give young people the tools to make informed choices that are right for them so they can go on to have fulfilling sex lives in the future. This includes having a clear understanding on what consent means, how to communicate their wants and needs to a partner and how to love themselves first and foremost.
Most of all, Sex Ed should be shame free as shame (whether that is sexual shame, body shame or emotional shame) is something that we can carry with us forever."

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