Why Window 11 is destined to fail, the extensive segment on Laura Meile with EA. Why Facebook is key to people worldwide, and of course, The Facebook Outage, and our technology segment reading phishing attempts in [Letters] Air Date: 10/9 - 10/15/21


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This week on the show, Why Window 11 is destined to fail, Facebook and associated apps were down not once but twice this week. Next, Holograms are "REAL" l as a startup creates objects out of light and thin air. Next, we cover EA's new COO, Laura Miele, in our segment [Things You Didn't Know]. Then, we are excited to have Gwen Way on our [Gadgets and Gear] segment. Finally, we have "Mike's Mesmerizing Moment" brought to us by StoriCoffee® along with our Whiskey Tastings, all on hour one of the show.

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Episode 69: Hour 1 Starts at 3:22

--- [Now on Today's Show]: Starts at 6:40
--- [Loaded Question Of The Day]: Starts at 10:02

--- [Top Stories in 5 Minutes]: Starts at 11:39

  • Windows 11 is Released but you might have to wait to mid-2022 to get it for your PC. WHAT? - https://tinyurl.com/3k74vcsd
  • If you own an AMD Processor on your computer "Do not load Window 11" - AMD Warns of 'Reduced Performance' for Ryzen Chips on Windows 11 - https://tinyurl.com/46c5bxe5
  • Holograms get real: Startup creates objects out of light and thin air - https://tinyurl.com/tc2uxx8b
  • Facebook has apologized after again reporting problems with its services.

--- [Pick of the Day - Whiskey Tasting Review]: Starts at 21:35

W.L. Weller Special Reserve| 90 Proof | $125.00

--- [Story's You Didn't Know]: Starts at 23:34

EA promotes Laura Miele to COO, making her one of the most powerful women in gaming. We have a special highlight segment on her career at EA.

--- [Gadgets and Gear]: Starts at 36:14

Gwen Way talks about this new item- SPLAY that easily transforms between the largest portable display and the only ultra-short-throw pico projector.

--- [Mike's Mesmerizing Moment brought to us by StoriCoffee®]: Starts at 51:12

--- [Pick of the Day]: Starts at 54:23

W.L. Weller Special Reserve| 90 Proof | $125.00
Nathan: Thumbs Up | Mike: Thumbs Up

Episode 69: Hour 2 - Starts at 59:00

On the Second Hour, we have our [Letters] segment, which includes scams, phishing emails, and all-out mistruths disguised as legitimate emails sent to our host. We then move to [Ask the Experts] as we bring back one of our favorite guests, Nick Espinosa, the CSO and founder of Security Fanatics, who will talk with us about Facebook being down twice this week, and compromised Twitch Streamer accounts. Finally, we look at why Facebook is key to people worldwide, and we get a different perspective on the large company making a better society for all of us.

--- [Now on Today's Show]: Starts at 1:01:32

--- [Love Shack Question]: Starts at 1:06:04

--- [Letters]: Starts at 1:12:16

Mike and Nathan read emails sent to him that include scams, phishing emails, and all-out mistruths disguised as legitimate emails sent to our host
--- [Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are Hero's in South America]: Starts at 1:22:21

--- [Ask the Expert]: Starts at 1:26:59

Facebook's official stance on the outage. Team Zuckerberg also claims there is "no evidence of user data [being] compromised as a result of this downtime." - but why do you need to say this if it was just a configuration issue? We have our expert Nick Espinosa, join us to explain all of this.
--- [This Day in History]: Starts at 1:47:58

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